About Mallory Armstrong, BFRP

I qualified as a Bach Flower Registered Practitioner in November 2004 with the Edward Bach Foundation after completing the three part programme.

I have undertaken volunteer work with one of the local cancer clinics and treated a number of patients, family members and other complementary therapists working at the clinic. I have also worked at Neal's Yard  in Morgan's Arcade in Cardiff and continue to practice from my home.

I am particularly interested in the education side of the Bach Flower Foundation and am available to give talks on the use and application of Bach Flower remedies.

I was immediately drawn to the flower remedies because they are very simple to use and effective in helping to get you back on track when things are not quite right. Living an emotionally healthy life links with enjoying good physical health – the remedies help you to move on in your life and find your hidden strengths and potential.

About Flower Remedies 


The Bach Flower Remedies are 38 distilled essences from plants and flowers which were discovered by Dr Edward Bach, a Harley Street physician. He worked as a pathologist, bacteriologist and homeopath before finally deciding to dedicate his life following to a more natural way of healing. He wanted to treat the patient rather than the disease and felt that taking account of the person’s personality and emotional state was the true path to healing. For example if Jane gets a cold she may be irritable whilst Jim may be quiet and drowsy, Alan wants to be fussed over and Zoe wants to be left alone. Dr Bach believed that if an illness has such different effects then rather than just treating the illness alone, it is better to treat  the individual's way of thinking.

Each one of the remedies is aimed at a different state of mind or emotion. They do not treat physical illness directly, but by restoring harmony to the mind they allow the body’s natural defences to work more easily. This means that people can quite literally heal themselves. Recent research into the links between the emotions and the immune system supports the view that emotional and physical health are linked. 

The remedies are completely safe and natural. There are no contra-indications so they can be used successfully alongside all other medication or healing practices. They work very gently to restore harmony and can be used on adults, children , plants and animals.


About the Treatment


On your first consultation I will have a discussion with you to identify the emotions that you feel are uppermost in compromising your relationship with yourself and/or others, and will help to choose the most appropriate combination of Bach flower remedies for you. The remedies are gentle, safe and simple to use. 


The first session is up to an hour and a half to allow time to give you an introduction to the Bach Flower Remedies and to also make a note of your relevant details. At the end of the first consultation you will take away with you your personal mixture of Bach Flower remedies,  which are taken orally,  and dosage instructions. After 4 weeks a follow up session of 30-45 minutes may be appropriate to review progress and vary the remedies if necessary. Alternatively further treatment bottles can be provided to be collected or sent by post.


Examples of issues which benefit from the use of Bach Flower Remedies 

  • Lack of energy

  • Unable to switch off

  • At the beck and call of others 
  • Feelings of discouragement, despondency
  • Shock/trauma
  • Lack of confidence, shyness
  • Yearning for the past
  • Feelings of resentment or self-pity
  • Difficulty adjusting to a new situation
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Constant worrrying thoughts or mental arguments
  • Terrifying dreams

Book a Consultation

Fee charges

For a consultation (up to 90 minutes)                         £40.00

For a 30-45 minute review
following the initial consultation                                 £30.00

For additional treatment bottles:

- to be collected                                                              £20.00

- to be sent by post                                                               £23.00


Please note that 24 hours cancellation notice is required otherwise a charge will be incurred.

Contact details 


Consultations take place by appointment on weekdays/evenings and on some weekends in my home in Whitchurch, Cardiff


Telephone: 029 20610 473 and 07891 147795

or Email: mallory.armstrong@ntlworld.com    





In December 2009 following a period of instruction with the Natural Animal Centre who work in conjunction with the Bach Foundation, I qualified as Bach Flower Practitioner for Animals and can suggest remedies for all animals with emotional and/or behavioural problems.

Bach Flower remedies are suitable for animals as many vets and behaviourists acknowledge that animals have personalities and emotions. Research has shown that animals and humans have a biology of stress which is remarkably similar. As such remedies can be selected for animals based on their negative emotional states.

Because we don't always own our pets from their birth or spend 24 hours a day with them we are often not aware of experiences which  have been unpleasant for them. They cannot communicate to us what has happened and so we attempt to interpret what they are feeling. Often signals are missed or misconstrued. What I can do as a qualified Bach Flower Practitioner for Animals is select the most appropriate remedies based on my experience and understanding of species behaviour in general and, with your help, understand you pet's personality in particular. A referral from your vet is required in order to undertake a consultation.

Examples of problems which benefit from Bach Flower remedies include: 

  • fear/stress

  • separation anxiety

  • aggression  

  • emotional problems after the death of a companion   


Please contact me to discuss the use of Bach Flower remedies for your pet.


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